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Tired of unkept promises of overnight success?
Feel like you've done the work but have not gotten results? Really want to sell your product/service and grow your business? If you have answered yes to any of the above; You've landed in the right place. Our next 12 week Cohort is launching soon.

“Wendy is the real deal! She sees the full potential in you and your business."

- Barbara Majeski, TV Personality & Lifestyle Expert

Consulting And Strategy For Today’s Solopreneurs & Small To Mid- Size Businesses

Consulting And Strategy For Today’s Solopreneurs & Small To Mid- Size Businesses

Every business needs strategic planning, revenue streams,
marketing, sales, team, operations, finance, and execution.
How do you find clients, increase sales and engagement, launch courses, hire, train and empower top performers?
Who do you talk about your business challenges? Do you have a business plan? What is next and how do you get there?
How do you hire a team to help and support your vision?
By taking an in depth look at your business, your financials, your projections, your team and your needs, we can strategize to scale your business to new heights.

We work on the Strategy, you Work ON Your Business

Whether a Solopreneur or a CEO, it can be lonely at the top. Everyone is depending on you and the pressure can get intense at times. Who do you talk about your business challenges.
You feel overwhelmed with everything you have to manage. You have started but can seem to get unstuck. You know your business should be doing better than it is right now but you are unsure of the next step. 
Get some of your time back, reduce the pressure & make more money.
Whether you are just starting out or ready to scale, we will put together a strategic plan so you can be the CEO you were meant to be. 

Work on Your Business, Not Just in Your Business

Social Media May Be Free But Do Not Underestimate It’s Power!

Social Media May Be Free But Do Not Underestimate It’s Power!

“The Best Product, The Best Brand, And The Best Price In The Market – Will All Come A Distant Second To The Best Pitch and the best marketing”.

Branding, Pitching &
Social Media Strategy

Proven Framework, Tools & Strategies that are customized for your Business. The Results are Powerful!

  • Strategies for Growth and Brand Awareness
  • ​Explain The Benefits: Clarify Your Marketing Message
  •  Explain The Benefits: Clarify Your Marketing Message
  • Decide on Your Platforms
  • ​Stream Line Marketing Processes
  • ​Build your Community (Not Just Your Following)
  • ​Develop Your SuperFans & Brand Ambassadors
  • ​Combine Organic Growth & Targeted Ads
  • ​Sell More Products/Services

Experience & EXPERTISE

As Business Owners Ourselves, We Have The Knowledge And Skillset. As Consultants, We Work With A Variety Of Businesses, We Have A Broad And Deep Knowledge Of Business Trends, Industry Challenges, And New Technologies. We Deliver Clear, Understandable Ideas On How To Improve Efficiency And Provide Strategies On How To Market Your Product/Service, Increase Sales And Find Other Avenues To Generate Revenue.

Cost & Time Savings

Your Business May Have A Vision As To Where It Wants To Be But Understanding Where It Currently Stands Is A Good Starting Point. We Can Assess Your Business’s Position And The Resources It Currently Holds In Order To Obtain A More Realistic View On How Your Business Can Be Improved Thereby Saving You Time And Money From Trying Different Options Before Landing On A Successful Route.

 Opportunity & Growth

We Develop A Business Plan And Strategy For Company Growth, Contribute To The Business Process And Improved Customer/Client Satisfaction. We Bring An Objective Viewpoint And Innovative Solutions That Lead To A Valuable Business Transformation. Our In Depth Knowledge And Experience Across Many Platforms Can Help You To Grow Your Business Faster, With A Solid Foundation.

“Wendy is an outstanding business strategist who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. When working with Wendy, you can expect a comprehensive understanding of business intricacies, innovative problem-solving, and a compassionate approach to mentoring. She has a natural ability to identify opportunities and provide practical solutions, making her an invaluable asset for any business!" -Crystal Almeida, Founder The Mom Link Women Supporting Women In Business Community

“Her strategic mindset along with the skills she has accumulated over the years is incredible. I've been in her circle for a while and have observed her change people's lives and have huge impact on their lives and businesses. Would HIGHLY recommend Wendy to anyone looking to get to the next level in their business - it will be the BEST investment in your path to grow and move forward with impact and purpose." -Jacquie Branagan, Executive Burnout Coach & Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur

“If you are looking for a real solid business growth plan, then Wendy is the strategist for you. When you work with somebody who has grown multiple businesses, you get the benefit of their experience. Best investment you can make." -Joseph Tracy, Business Consultant/ Asset Manager & Revenue Strategist, Cirque du Soleil

“Mindset is great, but I needed clarity and real actionable steps to move my business forward. Wendy is genius.  Fast forward, I've embraced entrepreneurship and know exactly where I'm going. If you really want to up level your business you need Wendy Shore"  - David Demos, Restaurateur

“Wendy is incredible!  I don’t know how she does it, but every time I work with her, she comes up with these million dollar ideas to help take my business to the next level. I highly recommend hiring her!" Heather Tucker -Christian Sex Coach

“I've worked with other coaches/consultants before, and this was different. Wendy guided me through the market research and then developing a clear message. I gained real insight on what I was selling and who I was selling it to. Powerful." - Sue Hougui

You can do anything you set your mind to.

The pressures that small to mid-sized business owners face can be intense. Starting, taking over, or learning to manage a business is hard enough as it is, but owners also often find themselves having to play the roles of CEO, VP Finance, Head of HR, Director of Sales, Marketing Specialist, and many more... all at once.

With so many hats to wear, small business owners can quickly run out of capacity and mental strength as well. In fact, having no time to “do it all” is one of the top stresses of small business owners according to Forbes Magazine.

We’ve Been There & We’ve Done That. We Can Help.

One of the smartest things you can do, hands down, is ask for help from business experts that have been there and done it. Consultants can provide expertise and an objective eye to help guide a business. 

Hiring the right consultant can be a huge time saver and a real asset to growth while removing some of the headaches associated with launch, growth and exit strategies

More and more business owners have realized that “what got you here won’t get you there.” 
We provide the tools systems and support. You don't have to do it alone.